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State and federal tax incentives are available for owners of historic buildings in Alabama.

In May, 2013, Alabama created a state historic preservation income tax credit for owners who rehabilitate residential or commercial properties. Click here for instructions, applications, and forms.  

Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
On August 22, 2014,the Alabama Historical Commission approved regulations for the Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
The new law passed this year gives tax credits to owners who rehabilitate residential and commercial property. The regulations below detail how the AHC will administer the program. Staff will accept applications for the historic preservation credit starting October 1, 2013. Applications that arrive before October 1 will be treated as arriving on October 1.

There are $20 million in tax credits available each year for this program. The AHC will review applications and reserve credits in the order in which they are received. If the AHC receives more than one application on the same day, a lottery will determine the review order. The commission will accept applications on a continuing basis after October 1. Once the annual tax credit allocation has been reserved, the commission will place later applications on a waiting list.

For information about the program, contact Jennifer Bailey at or 334-230-2643.

Important Documents and Links:

  • Summary of the AL Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Act #2013-241
  • Full Content of Tax Credit Act #2013-241
  • Tax Credit Regulations (AL Rule 460 x 23)
  • Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application Forms
  • Instructions Statement of Intent
  • Application Part A Evaluation of Significance
  • Application Part B Description of Rehabilitation
    Application Part C Request for Certification Completed Work
  • Amendment Sheet
  • Continuation Sheet
  • Supplemental Allocation Application
  • Sample Application Parts A and B

In May, 2013, Alabama created a state historic preservation income tax credit for owners who rehabilitate residential or commercial properties. Click here for instructions, applications, and forms.  

Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit

A federal rehabilitation tax incentive allows a federal income tax credit for 20% of the amount spent to rehabilitate income-producing historic buildings. Buildings must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places and must be income-producing to the owner. The rehabilitation costs must be substantial, which means that rehab expenses exceed the adjusted basis of the property. The rehabilitation must follow Rehabilitation Standards that protect the historic character and historic materials that make up the building. Plans for the project must be approved ahead of time by the National Park Service. The Alabama Historical Commission helps owners through a three-part application process with the National Park Service.

It is important for owners interested in this program to read all of the National Park Service and Internal Revenue Service requirements. Involving your accountant, architect and contractor, and the AHC early in the planning process is highly recommended.

To read more about the program requirements, visit  See "Before You Apply" for details about eligibility requirements and IRS regulations. See "The Standards" for guidance on the recommended treatment of historic buildings to insure a successful tax credit project. See "Application Process" for required documentation and to download fee forms, the application, and instructions

There is also a 10% federal income tax credit available for rehabilitating income-producing buildings built before 1936 but NOT listed in the National Register. Details about this program are also available at the National Park Service website

National Park Service Tax Incentives video:
Director Jarvis Discusses the tax incentives

The following information sheets may be downloaded:

Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Fact Sheet
A basic summary of the Alabama property tax reduction and the federal rehabilitation tax credit program.

Tips for a Successful Project
Things to consider before beginning your project.

Courier Delivery Payment form
This is required for applications going to the National Park Service.

Checklist for a Complete Application
A list of requirements for each part of the application.

Alabama Property Tax Incentive

In Alabama, commercial historic buildings can be assessed for ad valorem purposes at 10% instead of the usual 20%. Complete an application for your historic building; submit the appplication, photos, and location map to the Alabama Historical Commission; and take the AHC response letter to your tax assessor for the property tax reduction. Ad Valorem Assessment Application.

Federal Tax Incentives and Ad Valorem benefits: Chloe Mercer at or 334-230-2669.

Alabama Rehabilitation Tax Credit: Jennifer Bailey at or 334-230-2643.

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