Alabama Historical Commission, Alabama SHPO

Maritime Advisory Council

The Alabama Historical Commission created the Maritime Advisory Council to advise the AHC on topics relating to maritime archaeology and history.

The council meets quarterly and advises the AHC on such topics as:

  • permits for investigating shipwrecks and underwater archaeological sites

  • lighthouses

  • maritime history

  • riverine history

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I legally search for shipwrecks in the state waters of Alabama?

Please examine the 1999 Alabama Underwater Cultural Resources Act and associated regulations. Be advised that taking artifacts from Alabama's shipwrecks is not legal without a specific permit. A "sport's diver" permit allows one to dive on and examine Alabama's shipwrecks for pleasure, but artifact removal is not allowed.

How can I serve on the Maritime Advisory Council?

Contact the AHC and express an interest (1-334-242-3184) and ask for Stacye Hathorn. Some MAC positions are nominated by specific institutions such as the Army Corps of Engineers (Mobile District) and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Other positions are at-large within the state and are appointed by the AHC executive director.


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